Summer 2007 - Part Two

So what the heck did we do for part two of our crazy summer of 2007?  Well we started out by visiting my aunt and uncle in Ft. Myers Florida.  Lynn and Russ were kind enough to host us (one of MANY times) and put up with our pre-India doctor and CostCo visits.  While we were there, my brother Keith came to visit from Orlando - where he was doing an internship at Electronic Arts (he is currently in grad school in Texas at SMU for "interactive technologies" aka video game programming - you can check out his program here).  A bit of sad news followed, with my grandfather passing away at nearly 94 years old, and we went to the funeral in LA.  We then went up to Northern California for the wedding of Kate and Ben (the guy we bought the boat from) in Carmel Valley and while in the area, we also saw our friends Jesse and Jennie in Berkeley.  After all that, we still managed to fit in a month of travel in India - wow that was an experience!  See below for links to photos. . .

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