14th March 2007

From Janet:

Well we were about to pull out today to go to Carrizal, and the mysterious electrical problem has resurfaced. We can't really leave unless we are charging, so Eric has been working on it for over an hour. I think I now understand the origin of the expression, "swearing like a sailor." If we can't fix it, we will have to go into the marina first thing in the morning so we can plug in there and then try to figure out the problem.

Yesterday was an eventful day. Our friend Paul has an underwater diving system called a hookah and we have been talking about going diving with him for days. It's just an air compressor that sits on the surface in a donut ring, and you just attach as many hoses as you have divers. Typically boaters use them to go under water and clean the bottom of your boat. Paul used to be a diving instructor so we felt pretty safe with him. I got my diving certification about 12 years ago, but I have not been diving in several years. Not that it's the same as diving, but it has similar aspects. Anyway I wimped out because I really hate wearing fins and they felt really awkward, and there was a lot of surge in the water so I couldn't keep my balance. I should have just kept going because of course when you get out farther those problems go away. You are wearing a harness with lots of weights to keep you down under water and it just reminded me of why I think I got away from diving in the first place: there is so much cumbersome equipment and you can see a lot of stuff just by snorkeling. So I just told those guys to go out without me and they saw some cool stuff. Paul said that he will take me again when we get up into the Sea of Cortez. The visibility is much better out there anyway.

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