9th February 2007

Possibly the last internet post for a bit, so be checking the SSB section starting tomorrow. . .

From Janet:

Today marks two weeks that we have been at Las Hadas anchorage! And today at long last we are on our way. We plan to head over to Santiago today and spend the night there, then start heading for Zihuatenajo. The radar is working again!! This is quite a relief for us, as Eric has been working on it since Puerto Vallarta. Our friend Paul was over a couple days ago and he helped us figure it out. He helped us to start thinking outside of the box so to speak. Basically one of the wires had a bad connection and it seemed to be the video because we were not getting a display. Paul's idea was to short out pairs of wires by connecting them at one end and testing for continuity with the volt meter at the other end. Indeed it was the video wire but perhaps the poor connection was not up in the mast after all... Paul suspected it may be in the splicing right behind the unit in the cabin so he said let's pull down the ceiling panel and see how much slack we have in there so we can re-splice. Well wouldn't you know it there was plenty of extra cable up there including an additional splice of the whole cable! Now we're getting somewhere it seems... ripped off all the electrical tape and there's our broken wire.. then Paul said that his normal billing rate is $1500 per day and that he would send us a bill. So we gave him a beer.

What took three days out of this week was obtaining our import permit. This was also a big accomplishment and it's hard to believe it's over. We went through the process with Paul from Nonnie and Anne from Walkabout so that made it a little more fun. It involved going into town three times (once to customs and twice to the bank, they do it through the national Bank to avoid corrupt customs agents we guess) plus meeting a customs agent here at the marina and taking him out the boat for an inspection. Since the outboard is still out of commission and Eric is only rowing the dingy, we were hoping he could simply suggest to the customs agent to "jump in and I will row us out to the boat" and the customs agent would then say, "uhhh that's okay I can inspect the boat from here". However as I mentioned Paul was also there with his dingy which has not only a working engine but also is quite nice and spacious. So the customs agent said let's take this one. Anyway the agent said that he couldn't swim and was extremely awkward getting in and out of it. He was very young and looked like he may be new, though he said he inspects three to four boats per week. After looking around a bit and taking lots of pictures, he said everything was fine.

I caught a fish the other night, the first one we have caught since David and Isabelle were here! It was just a little greenjack so I threw him back. We hope to have more luck in the next week or two while heading south.

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