Our first room in India (Delhi) - the A/C never worked for us

Other side of our masculine room

WC - Western style w/beautiful Polo mural

The Red Fort in Delhi

Inside the fort walls

I think this was the throne where Shah Jahan would hear disputes from his subjects in the 17th century

Cool Mughal architecture hallway inside the fort

More cool stuff

Semiprecious stones inlaid in marble - this is all over the inside of the palace part of the fort

From a distance

Janet's pretty happy to be in lovely India

Or so I thought

Where are we again?

Entrance to the fort

Janet liked this couple - many of the women wear saris but the guys are usually in Western clothes

We took a bicycle rickshaw and snuck a picture - one of his buddies noticed and the guy was going to charge us so we put the camera away

Inside a motorrickshaw now

They are like souped up motorcycles sorta

Waiting for the “14hr” bus to Manali with the guy who lead us from our hotel to the bus stop

Motor-rickshaw (Autorickshaw?)

See traffic backed up in the distance (Delhi to Manali)


Everyone got out of the bus (one of four stops total), our bus is in blue

Closeup of the folks waiting

Our sleeper compartment on the bus plus some random guys foot

This “14 hour” bus took 22hrs - can you tell?

Other half of the sleeper compartment (well worth the extra dollar)

The next few are out the window of the bus





Asleep on the comfy backpack pillow

Like some tea?

Getting into the mountains




Godfather is one of the main beers in India

From our hotel room in Manali

View off the balcony

More of a street view

Inside the room - doesn't take us long to trash a place!

One of MANY delicious meals!

More pictures taken from the room



First breakfast in Manali - last time I would be healthy for about eight days

Starting to feel a bit ill already

Janet loved the view from the room!


Outside of Dungri Temple

Also called Hadimba Temple - these are Hindi

This site has housed a temple for over 1000 years!

This particular one was erected in 1553 dedicated to the goddess Hadimba

Get an education while looking at our photos!

Making an offering - inside people gave flowers, coins, or fruit and said a prayer

People who asked to have their picture taken with Janet

Once one person gets away with it, others ask as well

Janet was carousing while I'm sick in bed!!!

Who's monkeying around??

Janet walks to Vashisht and takes pictures (very close to Manali)




On a wall inside a massage center where Janet had a massage (from a woman!)

Shrine inside the massage center

Poster advertising this place

At a Buddhist monastery in Manali

Entrance to the monastery

Tibetan prayer flags

Inside the prayer room there are lots of pictures of the Dalai Lama - spiritual leader of Tibet/Buddhism


Brightly colored frescoes

Entrance to the prayer room

View of our hotel room from the street - we are on the top right


Buddhist monks on the street

Street food - Janet went to eat there after taking the photo

On the road from Manali to Leh

They are constantly working on this road (second highest in the world!) and we had to wait for the bulldozer to clear a path

There were MANY signs like this one, some pretty funny - like “If you are married, divorce your speed”

Out the jeep window

On the road to nowhere!

More road work - the road closes only a few days after we passed through

This is what all the trucks in the area look like

See truck in distance on right side

Switchback hell!


Somebody's still feeling a bit green (switchbacks are NOT helping!)

This is what they mean by navigable road


Keylong Town - where we stayed over night


In town

Poster about preventing disease

On the road again

Morning soup (about all I could keep down)

Woman who cooked for us

The place we stopped for breakfast

Our jeep

Resturant from the outside

It's a tad chilly up in the mountains - Janet bought the coat in Manali for $10 (and sold for $5 a week later)



Are we in Utah?


Road block coming up!


Leh - finally after two solid days of driving!

Janet hiking around (I'm still ill, ugh)

Self-portrait from the top of the hill - in the background is Leh Palace

More of the Palace

Prayer room inside the palace


Namgyal Tsemo Gompa - built in 1430 is a Buddhist “temple”

Hiking up to the Gompa

Prayer flags leading to the Gompa

Woman who is braver than I am!



Closeup of the prayer flags

View from the top




Janet's guide, Jikmed, on her two day trek

Water under troubled bridge

Janet treking






Village where they had tea

Stand for a teapot in the middle of this solar oven

Pack animals for other trekkers

Yaks in the distance with Janet while I yak in the room

Janet and “Jimmy”

Jimmy's shirt


Village where Janet's homestay was

View from roof of homestay

Mama in foreground turning bricks and guy in background (right) making them

Janet's homestay room - all to herself

Homestay toilet

Other side of Janet's room



Solar panels provide electricity for lights, that's her room on the left


Mama - her name is Dolmat

Kitchen with ornamental urns

Where they ate meals and drank tea

Other village homes

Ladakhi scarecrow

Baby yak

Other side of scarecrow

Yak and hospital

Closeup of Yak

Don't talk back!

Janet is scared

House on a hill



Mountain cat

Mama and friend

Got dinner?

Rumbak is the name of the homestay village


Papa - his name is Solom

Sister adjusting the music

Janet and Papa

Dinner was delicious

The prayer room in the homestay house



Happy family

Back on the hike


Shale rock



From our hotel room in Leh


Our first train ride from Delhi to Agra (we flew from Leh to Delhi to avoid another two day drive)

Train buddy

Other side of the train compartment

Janet eating thali (kinda like an Indian value meal)

Agra Fort!

More Agra Fort



Inside the fort

All these forts kinda look the same


Some Random English Dude's grave

What's that in the background?

The Taj Mahal!

Pretty cool looking, even from a distance

Black throne where the dude who had the Taj built looked at it

Beautiful sari

More Taj

This is where the imprisoned king watch the Taj (his pet project) get finished

More fort


Happy monkey

Lots of monkeys in the fort

We saw the sunset at a rooftop resturant with a view of the Taj

Our room in Agra was the worst we had, as partially evidenced by the toilet (just cleaned mind you)

Rooftop breakfast restaurant, where you can see the South gate and the Taj

Entrance to the “Baby Taj” actually called the Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Baby Taj again, the tomb of a Persian nobleman built 7 years before the Taj Mahal

Baby Taj

Cows in the “river”

Bridge in the distance to get from Agra to the Baby Taj

Train on top, vehicles on the bottom

More Baby Taj


Tile work at the Chini-Ka-Rauza - riverside tomb near the baby taj

Me and Ahmed the driver who guided us all over town as the Taj was closed for the day

Tomb raider

Taj again

Ahmed took us to a rug making place, this is all wool (from New Zealand) dyed naturally

Rug designer

Cleaning and softening a new rug

The loom

Tying the knots by hand



Cutting the rug (literally)


Now we are at the inlaid marble place, this guy is digging out the marble so semiprecious stones can be inlaid

These guys are cutting the semiprecious stones to fit into the marble

Example of the different stones used, and a partially finished tabletop

Janet greatly dissaproves of the lack of ergonomics in this shop (and country!)

This table is $4500, or so we were told

Lots of beautiful things

I was pretty tempted to buy a coaster set, but it was so no pressure that I didn't even find out how much they were

Another tabletop

Name of the place in case we ever want to go back

Taj Mahal from across the river in the gardens





Where's Janet?


Goats like the Taj too

Run away, run away

More goats


Still from across the river - while the Taj looks kinda rectangular here, it is totally symetrical



These kids were super annoying




Ahmed explaining to me that where we are sitting they were going to build a Black Taj Mahal, how cool would that have been

Just opened the Taj back up, now you can see all the people

Camel ride?

Ahmed took this photo, but I didn't really understand what he wanted me to do

This guy serves a mean beer!

Finally going in to see the Taj

Janet and the Taj

View of the South gate (where we entered) from the Taj

Inlaid marble work at the Taj Mahal


This is the city palace in Jaipur

Largest silver object in the world (supposedly) - it's an urn

Reminds us of the Chicago “Bean”

Peacocks are very popular in Rajastan

The Raj still lives in this part of the palace

I think this is a 2hp model. . .

Palace from on top of this big minaret (something like 300 steps to the top)

Polo grounds in Jaipur

We went up here later to watch the sunset - see the foot path on the right, the rickshaw drivers have no *&^%((^% idea where it is

Traffic in the “Pink City”

Here I'm having Rajastani Thali (value meal) - Delicious!!

One of our more expensive meals in India that didn't involve beer - ~$15 total

C2 on my right, Manu on my left, and Zaggi in front - nicknames of the guys who rescued us from a 20km walk uphill!

Drinking Godfather on top of the city of Jaipur!

The city below us

There's the vehicle that picked us up

Dancing in the streets

I can't dance in India either



Dinner, and some more beer

Manu and C2

Trying to chew while people are photographing me

We're starting to get a bit tipsy here

Not us though :)

Udaipur, that's the lake palace featured in the Bond flick “Octopussy”

The sword in the middle has two pistols attached, for when you get tired of fencing?

Those funny sultans


The “other” island in the background at Udaipur

lots of stained glass

and marble columns in these palaces

Nice thing is that you don't really need a guide with all the signs also in English

an acutal working fountain (most we saw didn't have water in them)

Never heard of such a thing!

self explanatory

Lots of their rooms are mirrored to provide more light from the lanterns they used before elecricity


Where's Waldo?

That is a kerosene powered fan


Bond - James Bond



More peacocks



This reminds me of South Park for some reason. . .

This was like Wall Drug - all througout the palace there were signs directing us here

This is inside the Ganesha store, where there is no photography allowed so I don't know how this was accidentally taken

Lake Palace from the boat we took around the lake

We had breakfast at one of those rooftop restaurants in the “White City” of Udaipur

Forgot what that is

On the “other” island, supposedly where the dude who built the Taj Mahal came up with the idea



They love their elephants

Temple in Udaipur

Cool engravings

Not the eroticly engraved temple we had heard about, but still cool

getting dark

Time for some dancing!

With fire!

no flash


That dude on the right was playing the horn, but I missed it

They didn't drop the fire once!

Janet in the front row, this chick played the banjo on her knee (okay, more like tiny cymbals)

Peacock lady and human lady

Traditional Rajastani doll dancing / puppet show

This was a “magic” puppet, which means it's head popped off to the music

More Traditional Rajastani dancing

If only this gal danced with bowls on her head. . .

One bowl, not bad, but most people can do that I think

Two, okay better. . .I wonder what she would look like with three?

Ask and ye shall receive! Still it's only three. . .

SIX, what the heck happened to four and five?!? She's dancing througout all of this, by the way!

There she is dancing on BROKEN GLASS, with six bowls on her head, and to the beat!

I've lost count now

Our hotel room door in Jodhpur

Cool clock tower - the lights changed color too

Jodhpur fort (you can kinda see why it's the “Blue City”)

Janet and the blue city in the background

This audio tour was pretty cool at the palace - called Meherangarh

This goes on an elephant

This is for women and carried by about 8 guys

This one is for guys (no need to be hidden from view)

We saw a LOT of weapons in India

Decorative shield - there are a whole bunch of embedded rubies and emeralds

Throne room


We go to that palace later - called Umaid Bhawan

This window is carved out of a single piece of stone - it's so the women can look out without being seen

Cradle I think


Palace courtyard

The most women we saw in India

A memorial in Jodhpur - Jaswant Thada


The memorial again - they really like white for these things

This is Umaid Bhawan

Small museum inside the palace

They had a lot of weird old clocks - sorry, no cuckoos!


Inside a small auxiliary courtyard - this is the most recent palace in India, built from 1929-1944 as a “job creation program” which provided 3000 workers 15 years of work

Menu from 1936

Stuffed leopards

Back outside the palace

Inside our room in Jaisalmer, one of the nicest we had

Jaisalmer fort - claimed to be the oldest fort where people still live (something like 25% of the population of Jaisalmer)

This is due to the Lonely Planet saying you cannot stay in the fort (for environmental reasons) and has nothing to do with their poor grammar

Desert in background

The wind turbines you see are to power searchlights / security lights for the border with Pakistan (about 50 miles away)

Inside a Jain temple

Top of the temple

Jain statue

There were thousands of these guys in the temple


Fort at night

Looks REALLY familiar - and so does she!

Inside the palace that is inside the fort in Jaisalmer

All sliver throne

View of Jaisalmer




Would you let these guys move YOUR furniture?


From the top of the palace, you can see the fort

Carving of the entire fort

Janet Jackson has nothing on this chick!

Fort, waaaaay in the background

zoom - these taken on the way to our camels

Grinding wheat into flour for chapati and the like


Janet and the Swiss couple along with Mr. Singh (camelman) at his house

That's a baby goat




Swiss dude riding a camel in India


Swiss girl riding a camel in India



My camel guy took this for me



This is the desert

This is Janet in the desert

Faithful buddies

Little “camelman”

Janet feeding Mr. India after our journey


They made tea for us






Now who's the camelman?



Swiss dude with a turban and camelman in India

Drinking chai (tea)

This is camelman's cellphone, he's more uptodate than we are!








Tired camel

This camel peed for about 10 minutes and when he finished we could finally go - blurry because I am on a camel also

My camel and camelboy

It's the hotel's 5th anniversary

The self-proclaimed 8th Wonder of the World

It's the Rat Temple in Deshnok (near Bikaner and actually called Karni Mata)

Hungry, hungry rats

It is very auspicious if one runs over your feet or if you see a white one

This is holy food (due to the rats saliva being on it - yum!)



Janet waits for the rat shit to be swept away before walking in her stocking feet (socks thrown away later that day!)

Palace in Bikaner


Best maintained palace we saw


Brass windows on the upper floor



King of the castle, King of the castle!

Tiles imported from all over the world


This guy was awesome (Janet strongly disagrees with me) - an example “maharaja means king and king means Eric”!




Gift from England

911 hurt India's tourism quite a bit!


I love old menus - this one 1936

What a heifer!

See the camel

They are all over Bikaner


Camel in traffic

Our fancy “Cammando” toilette

Shopped 'till we dropped on our last day (this is back in Delhi)

Janet's shirt - asking price 1300 rupees for two, bargained down to 250 rupees for two ($6)!

My shirt - 149 rupees, fixed price shop (whew!)