Waiting for the bus in Guayamas to return to the States after 7 months in Mexico

Dock of the Dusel house on Green Lake, WI

Close up of Aimee (our friend from Madison) and me in my crocs

Helping out with a different kind of boat

Janet and Aimee - old Peace Corps friends

Happy to be going a little faster than Tupo's average speed!

Swan dive? Belly Flop!

”Are you peeing? I'm not getting anywhere near you!“

Would you like to see my knees and feet?


Water's a bit colder here (compared to Mexico)

Ryan (left) and Keith (my brother kneeling) brought a Wii to Green Lake to ward off the dreaded tan

The whole family can play Wii

My folks and me

One of these two fine fellows is a video game programmer

Thank you for playing!

Even my dad can do this!

Alcohol enhanced performance

Somebody needs a haircut

several even

Sweeping up in my new 'Do

Gotta get back on the water!

The house from the lake

It's fun!

My second engine isn't putting out

Janet's photo of the Chicago river

Taste of Chicago! (note - this is NOT the hummus dish)

Us in the Bean

Bean in the Millenium park in Chicago

4th of July poundcake

Salmonella recovery room

Alexis is a great nurse

Karen Hufnagel and Aunt Connie at the Hufnagel's 55th wedding anniversary party

Mr. H (man of the hour) and Uncle Charlie

Big brother Dave and his son Dave

Conner, Eric, lil Dan, Big Dan

Cousin Ronnie and Andre

Connor being his usual shy self

Brian (can you guess what year of high school he just finished?) and Daniel

Andre watching the results of Dan's fine hillbilly golf throw. This sport is also known as: BlongoBall, Bola, Bolo, Bolo Ladder Loop, Bolo Polo, Bolo Toss, Dandy Golf, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Horseballs, Ladder Golf, Monkey Bars Golf, Pocca Bolo, Rattlerail Toss, Spin-It, Top Toss, Willy Ball, and Zing-Ball according to Wikipedia.

Eric, Cousin Ronnie, Bunny, and Jack

Brian going for three

Mrs. H and Dan

Woman of the hour!

David (on the right) contemplating if he is old enough to truely appreciate AC/DC

Samantha with her Aunt Denise's dog (who has more clothes than we do)

Picking raspberries in Vermont with Sarah Hinckley

Can't wait to pop THESE berries in my mouth

Beautiful hiking in the VT hills

Not quite ready

Hinckley's new tattoo

Up close lotus flower

Farm House

Wait for me while I pick more berries

Where the f*&^* are we?

Get out of my way, fatso

Pull my finger

Vermont's finest

Laura Ruberto and her daughter Ella

Ella is sad we only stayed a couple hours

Irene, Josh, and Me

Janet observing the master chefs at work

I'm hungry!


Josh said he looked at all our Mexico photos and that I need a hat!

I love my new hat!

Some one just got out of having to drive home

Sandy and Janet - sorry, this is the only photo of this day

Stanley really knows how to pet the nice kitty


Back to work on the cat

Go visit the Stanley blog - www.heystanley.blogspot.com

Stu's big ole ferro-cement boat - Pralines and Cream

Nice Rudder

I call this photo - White Dog in Red Van; available for $600 (w/o frame)

Sean's going away to Senegal party. This is Riley and Krysia

More of the cute couple

Me, Mom, and Rex (Riley's dad)

I know you're thinking I could open this bottle of wine with my cleavage

Michelle, Lindsay, and Chad (outer two married to each other)

Rex and his son with Christy (mom) in the background

Happy family!

My dad, Jeff (one of our biggest fans), and me

Grillmaster Tim

Sean, his dad, and some dude with white hair

These folks are REALLY going to miss Sean - rumor has it they are Jeff's parents

My mom loves to compete

Sleeping to London

Sleeping from London to Penzance

I never miss a castle!

Getting ready to sleep

At our B&B in St. Just, Cornwall (England)

Minack theater near St. Just

Land's End is close by (wait for it)

One lonely woman built this whole place

The snails were everywhere, but on the menu

Walking from the theater to Land's End

Land's End in the distance (closest point in England to the States)

Aimee and Janet - camera battery died before I could get a better picture

Joleen (yes, she does know the song) and her hubbie Erik

I love the English Pub

English folk

Woman of the hour, Kaitlyn, less than 24hrs 'til she gets hitched

Erik, Eric, Janet, Aimee, Matt (the officiant of the wedding)

Hottie Horsey

Wedding site (Sennen Cove, Cornwall)

I love my wife

She doesn't love me though :(

Aimee and Janet enjoying the 15minutes of sunshine

Long walk to the altar!

Waiting for them to finish the walk

Closer. . .

There she is!

Anxious groom (w/o flower)

Closer still

Keep up dad!

Switchbacks are a bitch in heels!

Here they come!

Bagpiper and all

It would really suck to break an ankle on your wedding day!

He's waited a LONG time for this!

Dum, dum ta dum

Rock altar

Leigh's allergies are starting to get to him here


Do you?

I do!

Cute couple

Getting the ring



Treela and Sam

Shoes were of little use here

Ed and Aimee

All ages party!

Even they have to eat

Leigh planned (and made most of) the food!

Officiant on the bass

Peace Corps Tanzania folks: Treela, Aimee, Kaitlyn, Janet, Me

Eric and Erik

Erik and Janet

Heidi and Ed - super super cool English surfer folk

Dancing with the ladies!

Aimee feeling no pain!

Ed and Heidi again

The bride CAN dance!

Kaitlyn and her sis Julie

Dancing queens

Life is great!!!

Mornings are tough, but will be better after some coffee

I can sleep pretty much anywhere

Aimee and Scott (don't worry, they are married!) in Madison, WI