What is so important to Janet Blackstone that she is taking a picture of herself and our camera?

Ah, the new highlights in her HAIR. . .

Are we ALL having fun?

YUP! Lynn and Russ (my aunt and uncle) in the back row

Cody and Nick (Lynn and Russ' new neighbors)

Insert whistle here

Wonder where she got that purse?

Poker?!? I don't even know her. . .

Post poker nap - Keith is used to sleeping in strange configurations

Janet with Baily and ?? (we forget, should have made this caption sooner), Steve and Beth's (my aunt and uncle) dogs

with a smile

Janet loves dogs


Now we are at Ben (the guy we bought the boat from) and Kate's wedding

It was in Carmel Valley, CA

Setting up at the Bernardus winery

We have only one wedding outfit a piece (compare to Kaitlyn and Leigh's wedding in Cornwall earlier this summer)

Janet, Nate, Allison, Adam

Ben and the minister guy

Flags at the winery

Ben in the lead, with Aaron (best man - other guy who used to own our boat) dutifully following

Walking through the vineyards

Ed (Ben's brother) with the little guy

Aaron, Ben, Ben's folks

Flower girls

The rev's waiting

Here comes the groom

Who's that arriving in the stylish VW Westfalia?!?

It's the bride (wait for it)

Someone's almost late. . .

Aaron and Kate's sister (we think)

Flower girls again

So they can find their way back home through the woods

There she is

We talked to her father for quite awhile, really nice guy



Here they go



Looks like they're having fun


Four?! Four what?






kissy kissy

Surprise bagpiper

Kate ordered this guy for Ben. . .you should see what he ordered HER!

Me, Janet, Alison, Adam (who got engaged later this very evening)

Great dinner spread

1st dance

Later on. . .

Someone had a bit too much wine

way too much wine!

Last photo. . .